Allow Yieldt to manage your crypto investments.


By way of introducing our service, we are offering managed investment in crypto assets the first month free of charge and with no obligation.

Managed investments in crypto

Which crypto currency should you buy and in which companies can you invest with confidence? These are questions that Yieldt would be delighted to answer for you. We monitor the prices of digital currencies on the stock exchange, select the underlying products in which we have confidence and determine how to split your investment portfolio on that basis. Investing in the crypto market has never been easier!

Yieldt offers you,

  • managed investment in the crypto market by professionals;
  • an accessible introductory model;
  • insight into results via a personal dashboard;
  • access to your investment portfolio at all times;
  • the option of canceling at any time.

?We regard blockchain technology as one of the most important innovations since the invention of the internet.?

Paul Mennema, founder and managing director of Yieldt.


Yieldt focuses on achieving returns in the long term. We use an advanced investment strategy for which our own fundamental and technical analyses serve as the basis. We examined the business structure, distinctiveness and technological background, amongst others, of the 58 cryptocurrencies available on Bitvavo. Only eighteen currencies made the strict selection, to which we applied the distribution formula.


Yieldt invests in the products behind the crypto currencies. We analyse all currencies, projects and companies in terms of feasibility and added value.

Point of entry to the market

The point of entry to the market is governed by a numerical analysis that shows the market is experiencing an upward trend. We use proprietary technical analysis methodology for this.

Portfolio spread

We focus on risk management and we do that through diversification of the markets and products in which we trade. We try to achieve the highest possible returns with this proviso.


Ahead of Yieldt?s official launch, we are temporarily offering managed investment in crypto products free of charge and with no obligation.


We manage your investments in the crypto market. That means we invest in the products behind the digital currencies on your behalf. We do this in partnership with Bitvavo. You deposit the credits allocated to the purchase and sale of crypto currency into your Bitvavo account and we get to work on your behalf!

Read more about our partnership.

Profit now

We offer the following when you choose to let Yieldt invest your funds,

  • an accessible joining/cancellation model.
  • access to their investment portfolio at any time.
  • insight into results via a personal dashboard.
  • the option of terminating the investments if desired.
  • a live chat facility for contact with our investment experts.

Yieldt aims to achieve higher returns than the Bitcoin Price Index


Personal contact?

Would you like to know more about managed investments in the crypto market? We would be delighted to assist you. Our consultants are at your service 6 days a week and are happy to discuss your situation at length and to answer your queries.

You can naturally visit our office too. Feel free to call us for an appointment.

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