The first company in the world to offer managed investments in crypto assets.


Ahead of Yieldt’s official launch, we are temporarily offering managed investment in crypto assets the first month free of charge and with no obligation.

The new way of investing

The crypto market is innovative, volatile and sizeable. Its complexity deters many from entering the market. At the same time, it means there are opportunities for the taking.

That is why Yieldt is now unlocking the crypto market by managing a share of freely disposable equity and investing it in the products behind the digital currencies.

Technical and fundamental analyses govern the choices our experts make in terms of portfolio spread. For example,

  • currencies, projects and companies are analysed in respect of feasibility
  • opportunities for an innovative approach are weighed up.
  • company structures, financial developments and frequency of updates are considered.
  • rates are analysed numerically using proprietary algorithms.

comprehensive analyses on which we base our choices


different crypto products in which we have confidence


hour monitoring of the volatile crypto market

“We regard blockchain technology as one of the most important innovations since the invention of the internet.”

Paul Mennema, founder and managing director of Yieldt.

Managed investment

By investing in crypto products in a responsible and risk-limiting way, we offer our clients the opportunity to increase their stakes over time. We offer clients,

  • an accessible joining/cancellation model.
  • access to their investment portfolio at any time.
  • insight into results via a personal dashboard.
  • the option of terminating the investments if desired.
  • a live chat facility for contact with our investment experts.

Ahead of Yieldt’s official launch, we are offering managed investment in crypto assets the first month free of charge and with no obligation.

It is easy to invest

Step 1

Schedule an appointment

Our team of experts is at your service six days a week to answer your questions about the opportunities we offer.

Step 2

Determine your objective and stake

Our investment consultants will contact you by telephone for an orientation discussion and investment advice.

Step 3

Deposit your credits securely secured via Bitvavo

We are happy to support you in in making a deposit in order to make the first step to the exhibition.

Step 4

Allow Yieldt to manage your crypto investment

If your crypto portfolio is linked to the Yieldt service, our consultants get started and you are kept informed of the investment portfolio.


If you have any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact our data analysts and investment experts. They will be happy to help you!

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