We make investing in the crypto market accessible.

With Yieldt you benefit from our expertise. We do the hard work for you. This way you can focus on the things you enjoy.

Big or small, we treat every investor the same way.

Because why shouldn’t every customer be number 1? This means that we do not use risk profiles. After all, we always work from a risk-averse point of view. We like to seize opportunities, but as effectively and safely as possible.

We are not an index fund where you are looked after only once.

We are on top of the market and always follow the latest developments. This also means that we can be called out of bed at night to keep an eye on the market for you. That way you can sleep through with peace of mind.

Register and complete all steps quickly and easily within our onboarding environment.

Registering with Yieldt is explained in 3 simple steps. No paperwork or long waiting times required. Anyone can start with €1000,- or more.

Safe and Secure.

Yieldt works with the world’s largest exchanges, Bitvavo and Kraken. These parties have been selected for their safety and reliability.

Bitvavo and Kraken take a comprehensive approach to protect your investments. For example, the majority of all cryptocurrencies are kept separate from the internet, at safe locations in bank vaults. In addition, they offer financial stability, with full reserves, healthy banking relationships and the highest standards of legal compliance.

Nice to know.

In addition to Bitcoin, we also invest in many other promising cryptocurrencies.

In the event of an increased risk, we can temporarily close the positions completely. Standing on the sidelines and patiently waiting for the right opportunities is also part of our job.

We believe in the added value of the crypto market and therefore have a long-term vision.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We can imagine you still have questions.

With a long-term view, we also invest in many other promising cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum. We can flexibly shift distributions, as well as temporarily close all positions in the event of an increased risk. Standing on the sidelines and patiently waiting for the right opportunities is also part of our job.

Participation is already possible from € 1000. Big or small, every investor is welcome.

We would very much like to, but unfortunately, there is no possibility for an asset manager to register or obtain a licence. That is why we work closely with the Dutch exchange Bitvavo. This party has been selected for its safety and reliability and is supervised by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).