Investing in the companies behind the cryptocurrency is more than trade, it means investing in cryptocoins for a longer time to anticipate to a value increase.

Customers need to have a crypto calculation to be able to manage the investment portfolio. We would like to make things easier and therefore cooperate with the largest cryptocurrency exchange of the Benelux: Bitvavo.


This manual gives step-by-step instructions to create, verify, secure and link a personal account so Yieldt can make investments for you.

Step-by-step instructions to create an account

1. Create an account

i.? ? ? ? Go to Bitvavo, enter your personal details, choose a safe password and confirm your email.

2. Verify your phone number

i.? ? ? ? Please access your Bitvavo account and click ‘Verification?.

ii.? ? ? ?Select your country and please enter your phone number.
iii.? ? ? Confirm your input with your password and click Verify.
iv.? ? ? Within a couple of seconds you will receive a verification code by phone.

3. Verify your identity

i.? ? ? ? Go to Bitvavo and choose verify your identity.
ii.? ? ? ?Select the desired identification document you want to upload.
iii.? ? ? Upload the relevant documents.
iv.? ? ? Your verification is automated and only takes a couple of minutes.

Please note! If you verify by means of an ID or driving license, you have to upload both the front and the back of the document. Click the green box to upload both sides.

4. Transfer Euros to your Bitvavo account

i.? ? ? ? Go to Bitvavo.
ii.? ? ? ?Enter the desired amount you want to transfer to your account and choose the payment method you want to use for this transfer (e.g. iDeal).
iii.? ? ? The amount will be credited to your Bitvavo account within several minutes.
iv.? ? ? ?You will receive an email confirmation

5. Enable 2 factor authentication

i.? ? ? ? Besides your user name and password, the 2FA code is an extra form of security. The 2FA code is linked to a specific device, like your phone.

i.? ? ? ? ?Go to Bitvavo, navigate to ‘Settings? and click ?Enable two factor authentication?.
ii.? ? ? ? Download the Google Authenticator on your mobile phone.
iii.? ? ? ?Scan the QR code with the Google Authenticator.
iv.? ? ? ?Enter the code that you see.
v.? ? ? ? Wait until you receive an email confirmation from Bitvavo.

6. Request the API keys

i.? ? ? ? Go to Bitvavo, navigate to your account and choose the API menu option.

ii.? ? ? Choose the option ‘Add new API key’.
iii.? ? ?Enter your name.
iv.? ? ? Select the options:

a.? ? View details
b.? ? Enable purchases and sales.

v.? ? ? ? Enter your 2FA code and click Confirm.
vi.? ? ? ?Your API keys are now available.
vii.? ? ? Important: You have to be able to verify the API key by email.












7. Link the API keys to Yieldt

i.? ? ? ? Go to your email and send the API keys to [email protected].
ii.? ? ? You will receive a confirmation of the API link at the same workday, during office hours.
iii.? ? ? Please don?t hesitate to contact us by email should you have any questions: [email protected] or by phone: 003185 ? 210 09 98.


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